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Shakes and Fidget Hack (sfgame hack) is a very popular application used by 1k people. This is the life. now i made the own sfgame hack so i can use this safely without lost my account on Shakes and fidget Game.

This hack para shakes and fidget is a combo hack and contain two parts: Shakes and Fidget Resource Hack (mushrooms, gold, silver) and Shakes & Fidget Bot, both are a trainer.

This Cheat for Shakes and Fidget have the following facilities:
Shakes & Fidget Mushrooms Adder (sfgame mushrooms adder)
Shakes & Fidget Gold Adder (sfgame gold adder)
Shakes & Fidget Silver Adder (sfgame Silver adder)

We have made a video demonstration with the power of this cheat:

This sfgame hack is coming with the automatically updates or manual updates. You can update this software from main window just clicking on “Check for Updates” button and this is updating automatically if updates are available.

Shakes and Fidget Game Hack is compatible with: Windows 98, Windows XP, Win 7, 8, 2000 and on MAC using a virtual machine or ubuntu using Wine application.

Download sfgame hack at the following mirror:


Main Mirror

Need Help Downloading? Read This

This hack para shakes and fidget game was tested over by 3k people and working rate is 100% in normal.

Using this hack for sfgame is 100% and you can’t lose your account or get banned or anything bad!


Tutorial Step-by-Step ~ How to Install and Use this Software ~ Click Here to See

Other screenshots with Shakes and Fidget Hack:

Shakes and Fidger Resource Hack

Shakes and Fidget mushrooms gold and silver Hack

sfgame bot

shakes and fidget bot hack

And the results of using/abused of sfgame hack resources adder and bot:


Enjoy with your new sfgame hack!

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