How to Hack Skype using Skype Hacker v1.4

Skype Account Hacker - Upgraded Version

Anyone know that Skype have the best quality of video call and voice call but this is not for free! If you want to access this facilities you have to charge your account with Skype Credits, but credits are expensive! So … one hack skype software is verry good for anyone!

The internet is fully by fake programs and tools that never worked and never will work except this!

I’ve made this skype hack to bypass Skype Credits payments and add directly intro your account credits!

Even more this is more that a simple software, with this hacker you can add credits for any account, make  surprise for your friends and add in their accounts free Skype Credits but that’s not all, this hacker have more facilities than you dreamed ever.

What know this hacker to do:


Hack Skype Accounts

Lock Skype Accounts

Unlock Skype Accounts

Hack Skype Credits (unlimited)

Steal Skype Webcam

Secure Your Skype Account against hackers


I’ve made like a proof, a video demonstration:

This software is 100% safe, 100% work!

The hack was tested over by 28,6k people and work for all perfectly in normal!

This skype hacker can be download only from the following mirrors:

download ksype hack Mirror1

Need Help Downloading? Read This

Required .Net Framework 4 for this software – Download link: here

If you have any problem with hackers after you downloaded it, you can contact team at [email protected] and we will respond as quickly as possible!

Tutorial Step-by-Step ~ How to Install and Use this Software ~ Click Here to See

Other screenshots:

Skype Multi Hack - Downloadable VersionSkype Password Hack

Skype Hacker - Password HackerSkype Credits Hack

Skype Hacker - Credits Adder FreeSkype Webcam HackSkype Hacker - Webcam Succesfully HackedPS: Use this on your own risk!

Enjoy with your new skype hack

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