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  1. You are the guy from defcon? If yes, please contact me coz i want make you a offer that you can’t refuse. I’m waiting for you to contact me.

  2. i think…it is the best hack…ever

  3. wow, it is nice :X:)

  4. Jeremy Quesada

    wowwww!! best hack!!! Thank you

  5. Patricia Smitherman

    nice :X:X

  6. best cheat, best hacker!

  7. best hack…thx..very much bro…

  8. so fucking nice :))

  9. gj bro, your hacks are dangerous :X

  10. hot…hack, really :))

  11. con you give me your contact id? coz i want to make an offer

  12. really…great hack :)thx

  13. thank youuuuuu :X bro you’re th best :X

  14. very nice, thank you :)

  15. fantastic coder

  16. Caleb Marchese

    Thank you for your share! Worked for me perfectly!

  17. Courtney Kostic

    nice…gjk bro :X:X:X…

  18. yessssss, it works perfectly

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